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My name is Phil Morrison and I have been doing volunteer radio announcing for 4 nag since april 2018 when retirement finally arrived my wife suggested that because I have a real passion for music maybe community radio was to be a chance to hone my skills in that area

Playing songs to the listeners is a real thrill as well as friendly banter over the airwaves also letting loical and visitors know whats happening on our beautiful Capricorn coast

When I began this adventure I had one show named Rock & Roll Dayz playing two hours per week with songs beginning in the 1960’s till now

This I found too limiting to the range of music that would keep listners entertained

So in june 2018 I began my second show named Licorice Allsorts which opened up a whole new world of music for everyone

So between the two shows I play Rock and Roll, R & B, Jazz Country and Country Rock with a little alternative music

The two shows are on (day time) (then replay day time)